Care Instructions To Clean Your Wayuu Bags.


Care Instructions to Clean Your Wayuu Bags:

Your bag defines your personality. Don’t compromise on your handbag’s look. Caring for and maintaining the texture and shape is essential to increase the lifespan of your Wayuu bag. 

Tips to clean your Wayuu bags:


Wet wipes are the easiest way to keep your Wayuu bag clean. They are one of the best options to remove surface stains while maintaining the original beauty of the bag.

Machine Wash:

Wash it on a delicate cycle with cold water and dry in indirect sunlight. If you can, you should avoid machine washing as much as possible. It will help the bag keep its original shape.


Hand-washing is the best option to wash your Wayuu bags. If the stain is on a smaller area, you don’t need to wash the whole bag. Only wash the dirty area.

A soft brush and soap are enough to get rid of any stain. Manual washing helps preserve the original quality of the fabric. 

 Bags with Crystals Detailing

Storing your crystal bags appropriately can prevent damage and maintain a high-quality finish. Store the Wayuu bag in a dust bag to protect the crystals. Avoid fold the bag or washing it on the machine.

Hand washing is the best option for the Wayuu mochila bags with crystal stones. The machine compromises your handbag’s look.

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